+ shoe as a sculptural and architecturally constructed form

To underline their sculptural form, the shoes are kept white, which on the other hand emphasizes the artistic language, present in the entire collection.

Handmaking and modeling of some constituent parts emphasizes their artistic value, since they were all made as artistic forms, prototypes of a shoe which, in the future,  could be adjusted to possible industrial or small series production, but for now, they are just unique sculptures made not for fashion trends, but to represent a shoe as a form, rich in freedom and artistic expression.

The idea of high heels was the main focus in the process of making this shoes. High heels gave me an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the given results are an answer to the topic of the space between the high heel, sole and the floor.

Their comfort and functionality weren’t of primary importance; from the very beginning these shoes were conceived as forms of artistic language and sculpturality. Artistic spirit, architectural and sculptural approach would make it possible for these shoes, should they ever be produced, to be worn on your feet as small pieces of art.