Sarajevo-born designer and artist Tea Petrovic is primarily focusing on shoes. During her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in her hometown she was awarded for her own work as well as for collaborations she was a part of. She quickly developed a powerful aesthetic and a signature appeal. Graduating in 2009 by exhibiting a collection of handmade shoes, entitled ‚Extended Ego’, Petrovic generated a lot of international interest.

The design industry certainly took notice of Petrovic’s new approach to shoe design. By putting the aesthetic form of shoes first, she set of a worldwide trend and inspired a shift in focus. Sharp lines, avant-garde shapes and unusual materials are part of Petrovic’s characteristic aesthetics which complement her artistic intent.

 „The shoes are sculptures inspired by architecture and constructivism art. Their comfort and functionality weren’t of primary importance; from the very beginning these shoes were conceived as forms of artistic language and sculpture.”

The pioneer and non-commercial work is rooted in Petrovic’s fascination with architectural and artistic explorations of space as well as the tens relationship between femininity and ego. Petrovic is passionately driven to find progressive and outstanding forms and materials which are applicable to shoes.